Established by Frederick Stanley in 1843 as Stanley Bolt Manufactory which was later changed to Stanley Works has since the over the years been recognised vastly over continents of the world as a provider of authentic Commercial and Residential Hardware, Glass Fitting  Accessories and Automatic Doors.

Residential Hardware
Stanley Residential Hardware is the leader in builders hardware today with  more than 15 products categories and over 7, 500 SKU’S. As a global business, we continue to focus on providing the best hardware and service to our valued customers. Stanley Hardware provides a cohesive suite of products developed to create a total aisle experience for consumers.

We build the world’s strongest padlocks and the most secure safe locks. Stanley security offers general purpose and high security padlocks using interchangeable core and combination dial access technology. Specialty padlocks are available for environmental use.

ANSI Hardware
Innovative, high quality products that have made the stanley name synonymous with craftsmanship and dependability for more than 150 years. Array of products including locksets, auxialiary dead bolts, exit devices, door closers and more

EN Hardware
Backed by the strength and the trust of our company name, Stanley EN Hardware products are designed to fit a variety of commercial applications. the line of mechanical and electronic locks, exits, and closers delivers quality and durability in the heritage of the Stanley Brand.

Glass Hardware
Stanley has been a recognised leader in sales, service and innovation of Glass solution hardware. We owns largest market share in both floor hinges manufacturing and marketing.

Automatics, Manual ICU/CCU, Hermetic Door
Since !930 everyday, without ever realizing it, you walk through one of our state of the art automatic doors. we invented the automatic door and we have been a recognised leader in sales, service and innovation ever since. We deliver strength, we deliver service and we deliver security every day, with no exceptions.

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