Soft work of the Lord

Jesus Christ the beautiful reason for the season is here again to be celebrated and remembered for his works and doctrines on earth which is the only personality to be inherited as a path to meeting his Father, Our God in heavenly eternal life.

The portray of Love that He should lay down his life not that he might pick it  but that through his Father’s will will regain such a life. Courageous and condident love
The Father our God (ruler of the Heavens and the Earth) illustrates the act of total acceptance to always have an unending faith and believe in those under our command. The picture taken is the reverse case of the prodigal son to be the prodigal father, who sends his only begotten Son on a journey of darkness to lit the light to redemption of his children. In as much as the journey is bound by time

As we all celebrate the season our own different ways,  be moderate in your doings and be doers of the goodwill. A Happy Early Easter to you all!

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