Canoe is the only colour care laundry solution that preserves the colours of your clothes for longer compared to other detergents.

Canoe range of laundry solutions in Nigeria’s leading laundry range. Specially designed to clean and care for coloured clothing.

 Canoe range of laundry solutions is Nigeria’s leading laundry that has been endorsed by Da-Viva as a garment care 3 in 1 detergent

3 in 1.
1. Colour care
Canoe preserves colours in every wash cycle such that fading is reduced compared to ordinary soaps therefore preserving your clothes for longer.

2. Fabric care
Canoe’s formulation are specially produced to remove tough stains, provide better care to your fabrics. With the mild and gentle formulation, you are rest assured of longer lasting fabrics.

3. Skin care whilst washing
Canoe contains a special formula that helps to moisturize hands in every wash

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