Songtradr is a global licensing platform providing access to real artists, song writers and catalogs from all over the world, by making music licensing simple and efficient.

If you want a single destination where you can store all your music so you can pitch it, share it, distribute and license it. And you don’t want to have to go to 5 different sites for this? …….well

Songtradr is the only B2B marketplace platform for tradoimg and licensing music rights, this platform solves the difficulties and problems associated with rights transactions and provides creators and owners with a single destination to manage their business amazingly.

Songtradr was founded by producer and songwriter PAUL WILTSHIRE and it is focused on solving the transactional difficulties associated with licensing, buying and selling music rights as well as providing creators, owners and buyers with the tools they need.
Users have complete control of their rights along with incredible tools, empowering creators and owners with the flexibility they need to run their music business the way they want to.

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