I believe everyone out there should come in contact with a drone personally before having any thought about it for specific reasons (Olugbenga George-Taylor. Owner Gtflicks Photography)

The Dji phantom is currently the best drone in the market, however with the increasing number of drone users in the world. Dji has remarkably brought to us always drones that meet our needs.
Incase you didnt know, the Phantom 3 professional model has all it takes and gives.
Built in GPS position  hold, follow me, point of interest, way points, course lock, home lock, return to home, real time battery, monitoring with flight-time estimation, stabilized video and photos, manual camera exposure controls and many more.

A little word for those aspiring to own a drone someday…
Three types of drones
1. RTF
Ready to fly, doesnt require any assembly or setup, but you may have to do some simple things like charge it up, install the propellers and connect the controllers. This is the best class of drone to acquire for beginners.

2. BNF
Bind and fly, usually comes completely assembled, but without a controller, meaning you have to use a previous controller or a compatible one separately. This is crucial because in the analog days if you had a transmitter and a receiver which are both running on the same frequency, they were almost guaranteed to work together. This is not so with the digital communication they must use the same manufacturers protocol.

3. ARF
Almost ready to fly, they usually dont come with a transmitter or receiver and might require partial assembly. An Arf drone might also leave out components like motors, ESCS or even the flight controller and battery. Always pay extra caution to the ARF description. It is strongly recommended.

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