GOMYWAY.COM (a ride-sharing marketplace, find a ride/ book a ride, ride along)


Enter your daily drive route information and have passengers book you for your daily drive through route at a cost.
Book a ride or book a seat

GOMYWAY is a ride sharing marketplace connecting passengers with ride owners going along the same route and have empty seats to spare financially.
Gomyway offers you the cheapest and more convenient way to travel on long distance trips across the country or simply to commute within your city.

As a ride owner, your co-travelers pay you an agreed contribution that will help cover some of your travel expenses (e.g fuel costs) asides significantly reducing your travel costs whether as a passenger or ride owner you get to make new friends, meet potential business partners and conveiently arrive at your destination.

To join gomyway ride community, follow these two easy steps.
All you have to do is, click the book a seat button on the gomyway page containing details about the ride. You can either contact the ride owner by sending a private message on gomyway which is recommemded or via a phone call which is faster.

Just click this link Gomycommunity

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