I got this from a whatsapp friend and OMG LOL. My independence message Nigeria wise up


1. When you chop alone in government and no one chops with you, that is called OBJ

2. When you chop in
government and you allow others to chop their own,that is called IBB

3. When you chop in
government and you give others from what you have
chopulated, that is called Abdusallam

4. When you chop in government and d place you are chopin eventually fold up,
that is called ATiku

5. When you dey chop in government, you no remember your driver, secretary, office assistants, dat is called Gowon

6. When you dey chop alone in government, no remember anybody, you kon dey get
headache today, fever tomoro, hehehehehe. .. I laff
oyinbo laff…dat one is called Shonekan

7. When dem just appoint you for government position,
and you just chop small, auditors kon come say bring
all papers, dat is called Nwodo

8. When you chop in
government and you die while chopin, that is called Abacha

9. When you want to chop in government and you first give others to chop before you
begin to chop, that is called Goodluck Jonathan

10. When you are chopin your own in government and
you call your friends to come and chop their own too, that
is called Ibori

11. When you chop and clean mouth like say you no chop
anything, that is called Fashola

12. When you chop from this government, that
government, this
government, that
government like say na you dem create Nigeria for, dat
one is called Tinubu

13. When you chop in
government so taaay you scatter ground, three houses for America, two for London, six for Maitama, seven for VI, as madam dey go shopping for Dubai, children dey go summer for Spain, EFCC kon gbab you, dat one is called Deziani

14. When you chop well well for government and people know say you chop well well but you dey deny say you chop well well, dat one is called Rotimi Amechi

15. When you chop in
government sotay you come even dey richer than the place you dey chop from, dat one is called Rochas

16. When you chop sotay you tire and come begin de distribute the choppings to other people. That one is called  Dasuki

17. When you see  government money and refuse to chop and also refuse to let others chop, and u say all govt money belongs to people’s projects  dat one is called Buhari

18. When u read dis n refuse to share with others dat one is called OYO. On Your Own!!!
 God save Nigeria !!!

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