Today in history, an experiment was carried out to the testing of the first ever public use of the self driving cars in milton keynes, u.k.

the software in charge of the vehicle  is (SELENIUM)  which was developed by scientist and mathematician  and engineers from the oxford robotics institute through a company called OXBOTICA.

this self driving vehicle is a two seater LUTH pathfinder travel that goes up to 25miles (2km) through pedestrianised areas of milton keynes, reaching speeds of up too 15mph while having to cope with the cyclists and walkers for the first time.
the U.K government is proud to be the forefront country to be promoting such equipments which is expected to be made by 2025 at a starting price of 900bn pounds.

isn’t this amazing?

 i so want one for christmas now! but i gotta a lot of christmas init!!!!!

they have sensors designed to detect objects as far as two football fields away in any directions, including pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles or even fluttering plastics shoppings bags and refuge birds.

well the wait is on, better than the electric cars.
but how is it powered?

this is fully powered by laser cameras that are fixed all around the body of the car, both inside and outside which allows the car to view 3D images of its environment.

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