Niume is a platform that gives people the chance to collaborate and share their work to connect with a huge and passionate audience of readers. In order to do so, all you need to do is basically join your favourite spheres of interest and create your first post easy.

With Niume referral programme, you will receive $1 for every user you bring to the platform and who creates at least one post. Any user you bring will also receive $1 straight after creating their first post.

what are you waiting for now?

It is all done for you. Every post you make includes targeted advertising from the best AD networks.
Connect your paypal account to receive periodic payments in an easy and secure way.
Track your reach and revenues for each of your post at a  glance with Niume dashboard

Niume has 20 collaborative blogs that cover different interests and reach millions of readers every month. Every time you post on Niume, your content will appear in a specific sphere and be displayed to all users who share that interest.
You will generate revenues based on the views on your posts and referring other Niume users.

Collaborative spheres such as; Technology, Travel, Science, Sport, Photography, News, Music, Movies, Literature, Lifestyle, Humour, Interests, Food, Games, Fashion, Culture, Business, Art, Design and Animals.

First 10 people to follow this link and comment with proof of following the link get an amazing item.
a chance to be interviewed and celebrated here on Outsource Troops.

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