PassSSCE is Nigeria’s leading online content provider  founded in 2016  with a mission of bringing high teaching standards and learning tools to every kid in Nigeria preparing for the K-12 level finals which include exams such as; JAMB, SAT, IELTS, WAEC, NECO, GCE and many more.

WHY PassSSCE? PassSSCE is a platform created for millions of students in tis region as a tool to assist them achieve an exciting and stimulating learning experience that will not only help them excel in their exams but will also impact the overall success in their future academic endeavours thereby making them real and indispensable assets for national development.


Performance evaluation. Usage of this application provides the student with actionable insight into the maturity of their preparation for the finals.

Exam-agnostic preparation.  This tool prepares the student by subjects and examinable topics and takes the focus away from the name or type of exam, to facets of modular, question objects.

Real-time and interactive grading. The aggregate system is enhanced by a sophisticated algorithm that grades the student by putting into account their cognition of special question objects.

Scholarship trust fund, Autonomous learning, Best practice pedagogy, Cognition testing, Offline mode, Retina ready


We provide candidates with a huge range of score improvement capabilities with all core subjects covered including GOVERNMENT, PHYSICS, ECONOMICS, ENGLISH, MATHS, CHEMISTRY, GEOGRAPHY and BIOLOGY.

Students can now rapidly practice on a host of examinable topics on every subject for any of their core finals.


For scholarships try out follow this link now.

scholarship awards

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