Hello Troops, my name is DEBORAH ADEBOWALE , i am the CEO and Founder of SENORA HAIR AND ACCESSORIES (FLEEK ISN’T AN ISSUE). I have always loved entrepreneurship right from secondary school. I seized the opportunity of becoming a young entrepreneur by starting a weave supplying business at my first year in university (BABCOCK).


Where i majored in Bachelors Degree in (Economics) . It started off as a small scale business and later expanded to an international business. While strongly considering my target market reach, I got my brand  name from Señorita which means girl in Spanish. I then went on to extend my business products from weaves to accessories, including eyelashes too. Ever since it’s start up, I have had a lot of ups and downs with quality and customers satisfaction. But now I can boldly say I have achieved a lot and i supply to customers all over the world the very best quality weave and accessory products which can only be SENORA HAIR AND ACCESSORIES.


Senora as a brand is in the sales of neatly packaged and high quality Brazilian, Peruvian, Funmi, and  Mongolian you name it! Hair. We also sell Frontals, Closures and Lace Closures

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Thank you for coming this far, To order follow @Senora_online on (Instagram and facebook) Or call or message +447804924062. Myself and the team will be glad to be at your service.


As I promised you, I would do a Senora give-away and the timing couldn’t be any better ! Today God has added another year to my age! I will be giving out 3 prizes !




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