IMG_2676It was all sales and profit at the GTB Food and Drink event held at Landmark Convention Center for STATESFARM GLOBAL TRADING.

The Brand came along with its Staff, Participants and Supporters as they all in one accord made it a priority to unveil its fast moving consumable good produced by the company STATESFARM GLOBAL TRADING to targeted customers and passers-by at the event.


The latest product released is known as the PLANTAIN and WHEAT FLOUR, which comes in packaged sizes of 1kg and 2kg. The health benefits of this unique product ranges from;

  1. Preventing type 2 diabetes
  2. Helps control obesity
  3. Helps prevent childhood asthma
  4. Serves as a great energy source
  5. Comes rich in dietary fibre
  6. As a great source for Vitamins A, B complex and Vitamin C.

The Nutritional facts of the STATESFARM UNRIPE PLANTAIN AND WHEAT FLOUR contains

  1. Fat 1.3g
  2. Protein 8.2g
  3. Fibre 2.11g
  4. Carbohydrate (by difference) 83.88g
  5. Energy Level kj/100g    380




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