Celebrating @Gtflicks photography Founders day.

GT visualsIt is with great joy that we are proud to announce the whole day celebration of the Winning Brand (GTFLICKS). 

Who prides itself in the providence of Visuals Services of Photos, Videos, Frames, Photo Printing. Our visual centers on Portraits, Food, weddings and event coverage.

Gtflicks as a Brand  renders services for those clients who choose to work within budgets in  achieving quality Photography and Videography produce.

We have over the years spent time in nurturing our clientele list to be one of carefully managed budget in service delivery geared towards visuals. Our Visuals are exceptionally captured with the best of photographic equipment.

Having spent a day with the Brand partners Mr. Olugbenga George Taylor and Mr. Tanho Attah, says (Our Company is here to stay, We are here to help other Brands provide high quality visuals while working with the available budget and within work duration).

Join us every year on this Link to celebrate our Founding Day or better still contact us  on +2348034629674 or email us on gtflicks@gmail.com  or find us on socials using @gtflicks.



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