The all new Solar Powered Kiosk in Lagos.


  1. Full anodized aluminium structural frame
  2. Front vending counter opening with galvanized security fence
  3. Full size secure door with lock
  4. Aluminium ventilation window
  5. Pre-installed solar panel mounting bracket
  6. Equipped with 2 LED lights, one interior and one exterior
  7. large External panels to apply branding and advertising.


  1. Size; 1.9 x 1.9 x 2.3m
  2. 50mm XPS SIP wall & Ceiling panel
  3. 50mm Xps flooring panel with reinforced ribs and
  4. Vinyl tile surface.


SolarWay is the largest provider of solar powered consumer products with distributors in 50+ countries. Its Head Office is Situated in Dubai, UAE with offices around the globe located at U.K, S.A, Nigeria and Hong Kong.

All SolarWay products come with an International Warranty with ready stocks in available countries; China, Dubai, South Africa and Nigeria at a highly affordable price per units.

Products are various as follows;

  1. EverLight
  2. Solar Homework light
  3. Solar Lantern with Phone charger and FM Radio
  4. Candle Stix
  5. Solar Powered charging Kiosk

Our range of products are designed to confront all challenges of life off the grid. They are designed to be tough, hard-wearing but most importantly they are designed to have the highest levels of performance while staying cost effective.

If interested in making purchases, please leave a comment below and we will get at you with discounts and product surprises.


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