Thankful Poem; By @gbengagt

Thank you lord for I lay to sleep tonight and pray to wake tomorrow


Thank you lord for the friends made those kept and those lost for I pray they stay safe


Thank you lord for my enemies gained those around and those gone for they truly are my best friends


Thank you lord for I finally wrote this book


Good night mighty God For I hope to live to write another day.


The mind piece is a book written from emotions experienced both first hand and second hand and my heart goes out:


  • To my mighty Father who created it all
  • To my parents for all their care and support
  • To my role model Solomon for He first asked for wisdom now we follow
  • To those that have shared their minds with me in order for me to put down their thoughts.


Thank you all


About Writer;

Mr Olugbenga George-Taylor is a professional Photographer in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the Ceo/ Founder of GTFlicks, which is a photographic company that captures the views of food, weddings, events and renders services of training individuals in the field of operations and maintenance of equipment. Mr Gbenga GT is a graduate of Computer Technologies at Babcock University. He writes and presents this book of poems;




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