Yusuf Buhari; Solving unemployment by empowering students outsourcing.

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Recently President Buhari son (Yusuf Buhari) was graced to attend the 9th graduation ceremony of the Prestigious Crescent University in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Where he had opportunity of being among the elite of the high table.

As the event came to a close, whilst marching out of the hall, Our team happened to grasp a short second with this credible young man to discuss future plans of the nation Nigeria that will strongly affect every youth and newly graduates to a positively rising economy.

Employment is something that should be strongly considered today. Many individuals go in search of quality education without acquiring the very needed and most necessary skills to back up their educational background, this steady occurrence is the main reason to why there is a rise steady increase in the level of skilled- semi skilled- unskilled unemployment.

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However there is little that can be done with less being said, but as power lies within the tongue our voices can be heard to a great effect.

Come next election of Nigeria, i plead with all government to please have in mind strongly the next generational leaders of this great nation by emphasizing on the subject matter of SOLVING THE MAJOR ECONOMIC PROBLEM; UNEMPLOYMENT.

There are many ways other nations have tackled this crisis, but a nation that interest’s me the most is India, after consistent research about India, it is noted that India makes more money by outsourcing jobs and services to foreign countries than Nigeria makes from oil production which is to say that India still makes a profit from its oil exploration.  


Nigeria can begin to create an avenue for alternative profit by taking its outsourcing more seriously.


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