Start_Ups Thursdays; @truth_nation @shawency_coded

IMG-20171031-WA0061 These are the final produce of  wears by a mid aged male teenager in the hearts of Lagos, Nigeria. Shawency is his name and he names his tailored fashion brand TRUTH.


Photo Credit; GoFree Studios.

IMG-20171031-WA0057 Shawency is an Alumni of Babcock University and has completed his service to the country Nigeria. Here he writes his statements by imprinting it in the wears he presents.  OR you can completely view this as his statement to fashion. ;

IMG-20171031-WA0060 .Video shoot coming up for the Truth Fashion wears. TFWIMG-20171031-WA0058IMG-20171031-WA0062

Find us at various Fashion Exhibitions showcasing your welcoming Brand Shirts and

YES AND THE MAIN TRUTH IS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Here you have it. The Obvious Truth> . you decide for yourself. Place an order using this coupon And gain 30% Discounts on orders above N30, 000.

Coupon:                                 ENJOY THE PRODUCT SLIDE SHOW>!!!

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