See Babacock University Girls +iphone8 saga


Over the past years, there has been interesting stories of how the male rich kids of this great and inspiring University go on to confess their undying love for their female students by making purchases of highly expensive gifts items to these ladies who in return keep these items and end up breaking up the so called relationship,, leaving the male individuals in pains and obviously broke.

This is the case of a final year student in the accounting department who got dumped by his girlfriend after he purchased an Iphone8 for her.

Source Dashmedia; Something just happened yesterday afternoon in Babcock University; where a 500 level accounting student had a mental breakdown and went on rampage. Why you might ask or wonder? Is it the stress of preparing for his upcoming ICAN exams or people from his village? No! It was nothing else but man’s greatest weakness; woman(his light skinned girlfriend in this instance). Read  more here

Still to say, as the lovebirds season approaches i hope these young, creative and talented individuals do have a sense of reasoning for a change this time around.



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