With @insidify you can tackle your unemployment problem.

Insidify is a Career and HR Technology Company with a focus on tackling the unemployment problem in Africa. Since inception just over 2 years ago, the company has developed world class technology to help over 150,000 job seekers find jobs and opportunities in Nigeria and has helped 100s of employers find excellent talent and build greater teams.

Insidify.com is tackling unemployment with the holistic, 1-stop-shop approach. The company presently owns several web platforms all focusing on employment from different platforms.

The first, www.insidify.com is a Job Search Engine that aggregates jobs from hundreds of sources into one portal – a kind of ‘Google for jobs’.

The second is SeamlessHiring.com, a robust technology platform that helps employers to manage the entire process of recruitment seamlessly; From automatically advertising job openings on up to 10 job sites and newspapers, to sorting applicants, generating several reports, running pre-employment tests online, automated backgrounds and health checks, etc.

Thirdly, Insidify’s Learning Management System (LMS) – StaffClass, is a robust platform for employers to manage staff learning and development. On StaffClass, employers can upload their own content and serve it to Staff on a modern e-learning platform. Employees’ scores and performance, time logs, contribution in-class, etc. are then tracked at several levels – individual, departmental, location, etc.

Other products include a B2C e-learning platform – Insidify Learning, a robust productivity blog – Insidify Discovery and a CV writing service.


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