Are you in need of that fully equipped office space? @theleadspace


We are creating the Future of Work.We create the best environment to work, collaborate, stay productive, network and have fun. Our co-working spaces are for entrepreneurs/founders of small and medium size businesses, middle level corporate executives, independent freelancers and creative artists.


Network in a vibrant international community of innovators, designers, developers, strategist and consultants of every kind.

Go beyond workspace – become a member of our thriving community and get access to instant feedbacks on your products, share ideas and collaboratively explore new opportunities.

We provide office space for entrepreneurs/founders of SME businesses, middle level corporate executives, freelancers & creative artists. Browse our locations & find the Coworking space that works for you. Multiply your productivity by having discounted access to several Leadspace locations in Lagos and beyond… all with 1 membership.
Why work in one location, when you can have discounted access to four (or more) just by getting one plan?


We pride ourselves as the best coworking space in Lagos and Nigeria. At Leadspace, our fully serviced offices have a distinct aesthetic and vibe that will inspire your team and all of your invited guests. When you choose to become a member of Leadspace, you focus on your to-dos and we take care of the rest.
We believe that office chairs, desks, internet access and uninterrupted power supply are fundamental business rights. Businesses should have them anyway. However, beyond these amenities, small businesses need more- the right support system, enabling environment and ancillary services they ensure they stay lean and agile while they grow. We provide all of these.


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