When Geeks Gather @collisionconfhq @collisionconf Africa must be Found

Collision is a coachella for geeks and the world best conference for every entrepreneur from thousands of tech industry leaders, as well as a select group of early stage start-ups, hundreds of investors, media and tech influencers will be joining this may 2018 from what started in 2014. Join over 20,000+ individuals in the next COLLISION

new colli.png


The startup experience

You’re joining the world’s most promising and exciting startups as they take their place at Collision alongside the most influential tech founders and CEOs of the 21st century. The people leading the companies of both today and tomorrow.

Why attend as an investor?

Investor attendees come from a range of backgrounds, have a variety of operating styles and differing primary purposes for attendances. Deal flow. Helping current portfolio. Media exposure. Speaking with corporate acquisition teams. Meeting limited partners. We work to ensure each objective is looked after.

We work too with many investors post event and throughout the year, providing introductions, suggestions and assistance to their portfolio companies. Some investors sponsor. Some speak. Some are looking to deploy funds. Some are looking for funds to deploy.

No matter what, we work with each to make sure they get the maximum return from their time at Collision. This concierge service is something you won’t find at other tech conferences, and goes a long way towards creating a highly productive and rewarding investor experience at Collision.


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