@eduresearchng makes project writing easily profitable for students.

Are you a Studenta Researcher or a Consultant and you find it difficult to get project/research materials for your works?


Eduresearch.ng is an intelligent web based platform developed for academia at all university levels worldwide to share their research papers, hire consultants for research guides, Project works and Journal articles. Most researchers in Africa Use www.eduresearch.ng to share their research work and seminars for public view and to monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research.

The aim of this platform is to help improve and fasten the area of certain researches done within and outside the country in order to generate better and qualitative results that can help improve the global economy. This platform will go far in assisting all the Undergraduates, Masters and PhD students of different institutions in carrying out their research work effectively through the help of our registered consultants.

Eduresearch.ng also allows interested international partners who love to contribute their knowledge, finance or resources in the expansion of the e-platform via journal articles, foreign academic materials and sophisticated softwares needed for research.

Phone: +2347039612196
Email: info@eduresearch.ng



Eduresearch.ng gives you the opportunity to make money through your qualitative research works, journal articles and Ebooks. For you to have access to this platform, you have to create an account by registering as a seller. This is a web platform developed for team of professionals, lecturers and students who want to publicize their research works, sell their Lecture ebooks and at the same time become financial independent. You can easily convert your textbooks or lecture notes into pdf or Ms-word to be sold on our platform as ebook.eed.jpg




Eduresearch website has been proudly designed bybig code


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