Start ups that you would not think about in 2018


Kopo Kopokopo c

Kopo Kopo began as a digital platform that helped people to pay for their services through M-Pesa. This company launched in 2012. Today, it helps merchants and customers to exchange money online. It provides customer relationship management tools that ensure that the business is tracking its buyers and it helps businesses to accept cashless payment.

Duma Worksduma_new.png

Duma Works helps small and medium-scale businesses find a convenient and fast way to recruit in East Africa. They launched in 2013 and they have worked with over 250 clients in different fields.


This is an enterprise that helps people share knowledge about farming in rural areas. People can ask their questions by text, and they can get answers from other people on the platform.





Spier is a startup that is tackling youth unemployment issues in Kenya. They aim to close the gap between the employment requirement and what the applicant learned in school. They have a “career accelerator” program to help new graduates be ready for the job market.



Lakt believes that “finance is fun!” It offers finance management and education designed for the “Snapchat” generation to ease the banking experience. This app helps young people to manage their finances better. They do this through cultivating financial discipline and by learning how money works. It also shows them how to budget, save and spend their cash wisely.



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