@akinalabi and the youth entrepreneurial motivated awards 2018 #yeco4

yeco18The Youth Enterprise Awards

Here is a new one.

SPECIAL N5 Million Giveaway

The Akin Alabi foundation will be supporting 50 attendees of this year’s Youth Enterprise Conference on their journey to success by providing them with N100,000 each. This money is to be specifically invested into their business idea.

One of these 50 people could be you but the first step you have to to take right now is to book your seat to attend this year’s youth enterprise conference.

Starting from this year, we are introducing the “Youth Entreprise” awards as a way of honouring young Nigerians who have made a difference in various line of business.

Here is a list of the awards we are giving out this year.

1. Young Entrepreneur of the Year

An individual 40 years old or younger who has shown exemplary management excellence over a sustained period of time, making him or her a trailblazer in his or her particular field of business. He or she must be an inspiration and a model of entrepreneurship to the youth.

2. Music Entrepreneur of The Year

This must be an individual of 40 years or younger who has shown great leadership in the Nigerian music industry. He or she must have had a tremendous impact in the music business in the last two years.

3. Fashion Entrepreneur of The year

This is an individual who has excelled in the Fashion industry not just as an entrepreneur but also as an innovator. The individual must have proof that shows his body of works. This proofs will include fashion shows to individuals wearing his or her clothing.

4. Media Entrepreneur of the Year

Nominations for this categories will include individuals who are entrepreneurs in the media ecosystem. This includes traditional media establishment owners to social media influencers who have been able to use their social media accounts to influence social good, business profitability and right thinking.

5. Nightlife Entrepreneur Of The Year

These category includes proprietors of business that operates at night and depend on the activities of the night for profitability. These category covers club owners, restaurateurs, show promoters, vendors and others in the hospitality sector.

6. Youth Development Entrepreneur Of The Year

This category captures individuals who have used their influence and means within the society to pursue youth development and empowerment in different sectors. Nominees must have visible and verifiable proof of the impact of these endeavors.

7. Young Finance Entrepreneur of The year

Personalities in this category are individuals whose boldness have driven them to promote innovation in the area of finance, from the introduction of trailblazing technology, innovation and the launch of new financial products that makes life better for everyone and also bring about the development of the business.

8. Young Tech Entrepreneur of The Year

Nominations in this category must be individuals within the age bracket of 35 and below who are currently using technology as a means of solving real problems in their various fields, from agriculture, payment, logistics and even ecommerce.

9. Movie Business Entrepreneur of The Year

This category comprises of young individual not older than 35 who have ventured into the art of creating award winning movie productions and have done amazingly well.

Here Is How to Lock Down Your Seat:

Seats are limited.

To get your unique Entry Pass to this event, click on the red button below right now and follow the instructions on the next page to register.

Don’t miss out.

Book a seat today.

See you on the 30th of March.

Akin Alabi
CEO, NairaBet


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