Top 5 Northern Europe Start-ups that will benefit Africa

trine logogTrine 

At Trine we create a World free of energy poverty by enabling people to invest in solar energy and ripping a profit. Last year solar power grew faster than any other source of fuel for the first time according to International Energy Agency.

For more information; @jointrine


remente logo.jpgRemente

Remente is a personal development app with a team of psychologists, mental trainers, and entrepreneurs behind it, which the app helps you understand where in life you should focus. We help you set goals and teach you ways to feel good, be productive and keep motivated.

Remente combines psychology with brain and mental training to help users reach their full potential, complete personal goals, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

krycare logo.jpg


Kry allows patients a to have a video consultation with a medical doctor via their mobile phone or tablet, rather than a physical appointment.

KRY makes it possible for patients to meet with doctors over video and get help with problems not requiring a physical examination. Our doctors can help with advice, prescriptions, sick notes and referrals to other caregivers or to lab tests. KRY started with a vision of more equal and accessible health care.

hold logo.jpgHold  

Norway-based Hold has developed an app that actively rewards for students for not being distracted by their phones while studying.

Once activated at the beginning of a class or study session, Hold awards points for time when a user’s phone goes untouched, which can be exchanged for rewards such as food, technology, event tickets, and more.


no isolation.jpgNo Isolation  

Female-led, Oslo-based start-up No Isolation was founded to reduce involuntary social solitude.

Its first product, a physical avatar named AV1, allows British children and young adults, who are forced by illness to take extended time away from school, maintain a presence in the classroom, communicate with friends, and socialise.  Komp, No Isolation’s second product, launches in the UK in 2018, and is designed to reduce social isolation in seniors.


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