Aba and Proud; Only Six days left for The Hackathon @PROUDLYMADEINABA


Taking Part in the Hackathon (Please read!)

Aba, a commercial center in the Eastern part of Nigeria is an interesting paradox: It is a town of enterprising young people with tremendous potential to create jobs through entrepreneurship in key areas of leatherworks, shoemaking and fashion design. Unfortunately, the city lacks proper infrastructure and  investment to make it thrive.

Despite these challenges, there is still some appreciable level of economic activity in Aba, especially in the key sectors of furniture design, garment works, fashion design and shoe design and manufacturing. There are estimated to be tens of thousands of small businesses that thrive in these areas, albeit informally.

 In the past few years, the World Bank and the Nigerian Bank of Industry have recognized the importance of Aba in these areas and have designated the city as one of the key economic clusters of Southeastern Nigeria, especially in the areas of shoemaking and leatherworks, as well as fashion design and furniture works.  Read more Aba about here

Note the following before submitting your idea:

1. Deadline for submission of ideas is 26th February 2018

2. Ten ideas will be shortlisted for a final presentation on the 16th of March in Aba. Only 3 winning ideas will emerge.

3. Ideas must have economic impact on businesses based in Aba.

4. Ideas should be focused on one or all 3 focus areas: Leather, fashion/garment and Fabrication.

5. Winning idea must be executable in Aba which means participants most be open to relocate to the region.

6. Ensure your idea  is well thought through, giving details on the product, insights and strategy that will make the idea a success in Aba.

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