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The Education Hub

Left wing, City Hall,.

Catholic Mission Street,

Lagos, Nigeria

0700-slum2school (+234 814282750)

Our Vision

To transform the society by empowering disadvantaged children to realize their full potential.

Our Mission

To harness resources towards bridging the enrollment gap into schools between Orphans/Vulnerable out-of-school children and children in school, through the provision of educational scholarships and other psycho-social support programs.



With your support we have provided education support to over 600 disadvantaged children living in slums. Support us as we do more and build a secure future for over a thousand more children this year across Nigeria. Donate to support the great dreams of these children! #LetsDoMore.

This summer our goal is to raise funds to build 3 early childhood development centers for children in communities lacking schools and equally support some 300 lovely children like Juliet, francis and Bolatito who need to go to school but simply do not have parents who can afford their needs to be in school.

You can get involved as an organization or as an individual through various platforms. You can support any of our various projects or simply start a campaign. You can also join the increasing number of over 5000 professional volunteers from 25 countries who have helped hundreds of children gain access to basic education since our inception.

As a volunteer driven social development organization our vision is to transform the society by empowering disadvantaged children to realize their full potential through the provision of educational scholarships, health support and other psycho-social support.


Become a Volunteer

Join our increasing network of over 5000 Volunteers from over 25 countries who have actively contributed both physically and virtually to bringing education and several other support to children in need. SIGN UP NOW.


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