Caption this Tech: Totally insane or Awkwardly insane (Dogs more speak)


dog vest

Smart Dog Vest

Pava works as a model at Mobile World Congress — and is paid only in treats. The Parson Russell Terrier belongs to Toni Koutu, the founder of Sense of Intelligence Oy, the company behind Anaxeos. The Finnish startup has developed a smart vest for dogs that Pava shows off in a particularly fetching way.

Sensors in the vest measure Pava’s heart rate and temperature, record sounds (think barks, whimpers) and body temperature, and track its location. The vest comes with an e-sim that sends data to the cloud for analysis, with the info then fed into an app on the owner’s phone. The system will tell you to take your dog out of the car if it gets too hot, or alert you that your labrador may have knee problems because he takes too long to get up.

The vest will cost about 150 euros ($183) to 190 euros, with monthly subscriptions for the data analysis at about 5 euros to 8 euros. First products will reach customers before the end of the year, Koutu said. It’s a promising market because some 170 million households have at least one dog, he said.

“Our dogs are family members,” Koutu said, with Pava by his side. “This vest helps us better understand our dogs.”

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