Caption this Tech: Totally insane or awkwardly insane (A mirror that talks and sees the real you)

Source: Bloomberg.comsmart mirrors

Smart Mirror

Even while you’re lifting weights and wearing two layers of clothing, this mirror tracks movements and measures your heartbeat, using technology that could soon be used in devices such as Inc.’s Echo or the Google Home speaker.

Using 3D cameras and radar chips by Germany’s Infineon Technologies AG, the mirror corrects you if you’re moving awkwardly (“keep your elbows straight”) and informs you that if your heart rate speeds up — rather rapidly — to 94 beats per minute.

Infineon hopes that radar sensors will improve the experience of talking to digital assistants in mobile phones or smart speakers.

The idea is that users will be able to move freely inside their apartment and still have a seamless conversation with their devices, with radar chips tracking you from room to room and microphones integrated into mirrors and kitchen cabinets picking up voice commands.

“Radar knows when you’re in the room and can then turn on the microphone,” said Andreas Urschitz, who heads Infineon’s power management and multimarket division. “It’s like adding a sixth sense.”


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