Caption this; Totally insane or awkwardly insane


emoji yourself

After selfies and video chats, Samsung is betting you’ll want to show your friends and loved ones even more of your face. As a showcase to the upgraded camera on its new Galaxy S9 smartphone, unveiled in Barcelona, Samsung demoed real-life emojis that are based on people’s features and facial expressions.

The S9 maps your face by taking your picture as a basis for building a digital avatar that looks like you. The camera reads your facial expressions to build emojis that fit your exact mood. If you’re not feeling inspired, the phone will stick your avatar’s face onto basic emojis like happy or blowing a kiss.

Samsung executives demoed it on a square-shaped stage in front of some 1,500 people on Sunday at Mobile World Congress. Conference attendees over the next few days could be seen smiling, frowning and pulling out their tongues at the Galaxy S9 — a first test of the new emoji feature.


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