Join Charis Camp Meeting with the Holy Ghost.

camppp.jpgWhat is A Camp meeting?

It’s an old word for “Tent Meetings ” held in the 19th and 20th Centuries

The Practice was for believers to gather under a Tent or “Camp” and hold all day meetings

Usually very strong teaching meetings in the Mornings and Afternoons and in the Evenings, they gather for Holy Ghost /Believers meetings.

Charis Campmeeting is typical of this.

Patterned after Kenneth E Hagin Campmeetings,We hold teaching meetings primarily during the day(Morning and Afternoon) with strong emphasis on Who we are in Christ and the Finished Work of redemption with its attendant realities and privileges and rights,while the Evenings majorly, we demonstrate the things of the Spirit in Gifts(utterance,revelation and power),with needs met in its diversities and the participants full of joy

All Past meetings have had numerous testimonies of many receiving the new birth,filled with the Spirit and diverse and special miracles like in the book of acts,further more and very poignant is the receiving, development and enhancement of many believers in the work of ministry and in the things of the Spirit

That’s why we invite all to our Campmeetings

Date is Thursday March 29th-Monday April 2nd (Easter)

Times (as stated in the attached flier)

It’s Heaven in Earthly places

The Word and Spirit

No entertainment allowed

No Side Attractions permitted

The Word taught in revelation and the Spirit in power and might in demonstrations!

It’s your appointment with God’s divine plan

Come and bring a hungry heart, a friend and someone you love!

Expecting to receive you

I call you blessed


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