The current Government of Lagos State is not playing. #beinformedEKOONIBAJE

The current Government of Lagos State, Nigeria under the leadership of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is stylishly making known his reality speaking hidden financial extortion agenda.

Sad to say or to write but “the Governor has been up to real good since he entered power by redesigning and beautifying Lagos a new. JUST TAKE A DRIVE DOWN TO EPE AND SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

Personally i would have endorsed the Governor for 2019 elections, as you know how Lagosians rock…..THERE IS ALWAYS A BUT!!!!!!!!!………….

Why the Excessive charge this 2018 from every angle?… **begins typing list**

  1. Toll Gate Increament
  2. Water rates charge
  3. Land use charge
  4. Advertising rates
  5. and others



Dear Governor,

You are doing a superb and excellent work that can only be tagged great. Thank you for all so far and the millions people you are giving hope to. Please try to something about the way taxes are going up. The people suffer yet some more. 2019 would be yours.




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