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Welcome to www.yakoyo.com, an online affiliate marketing company. Where our vision is to be the simplest, fastest and smartest cost saving platform for both online and offline shoppers. Yakoyo.com is a platform where shoppers can earn real CASHBACK from every transaction they make through our platform.


We partnered with thousands of e-commerce site both within and outside Nigeria, in order to give you a pool of options. Our customer support team are at your service to make your Yakoyo experience as stress free as possible.

Your Convenience, Our Motivation!!!


cropped-cropped-outsourcetroops-image.jpgAbout #outsourcetroops, we have created a platform where we discover and promote interesting brands who have come up with an idea that makes life easier for the consumers and most importantly the end users. Producers are not left out on this Brands discovery, every brand discovered will be promoted here by offering a free web link that showcases about their brands identity and products/ services.

Those entrepreneurs or individuals interested in gaining free promotion or publicity of their business or brand should contact us immediately as we offer web link for a year to promising persons.

Are you interested?

How it works

Online Stores
Sign up or log in to an already existing membership account on Yakoyo.com, to gain a search access to any store of your choice.

As soon as you log in, you can search for any online store of your choice. Click on the store and it automatically directs you to the store’s website e.g. Jumia.com. If you are not registered yet, the system will ask you to do so before you proceed. If you are have an existing account, you would be asked to log in to earn cashback. Then go ahead and shop like you do normally on any retailer’s site.

After you have successfully completed a transaction/shopped, and the merchant confirms this, within 72 hours we add your Cashback to your Yakoyo.com account & send you an email. This will be in ‘Pending’ status till the retailer pays us the commission for your shopping. You can check your account often to monitor your cash back anytime.
Offline Stores
Sign up to http://www.yakoyo.com as a first user or log in to an already existing membership account on yakoyo.com.
Click on offline stores to access myriads of offers.
Shop all you can.
Ensure you get a receipt of purchase as no cash back will be given without proof of payment; receipt.
Sign into http://www.yakoyo.com and upload your receipt to earn cash back.
Your cash back will reflect within 72hours of the merchant confirming this transaction.

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