April 5th – April 6th, 2018…HR EXPO AFRICA

HR Expo Africa


The HR Expo Africa has served as a veritable platform for professionals to benefit from highly sought-after expert perspectives on local and global trends from reputed industry resource persons, and also network extensively. HR Expo Africa 2017 marked a leap in many ways. With ‘Managing New Economy Efficiencies (and old economy relationships)’as its theme, the summit amplified important conversations on how best to answer the demands of a changing economy without discarding important aspects of the receding system. HREA 2018 promises to be one of the biggest international events the world over in 2018. The theme of this year’s summit is ‘Leading and Managing Culture Change in Organizations’, centred on workplace culture change and its dynamics in our current world. This carefully selected theme will anchor discussions from multiple perspectives on how best to shape and drive workplace culture that supports leadership excellence, innovation, high performance and organisational sustainability.

The summit would feature Eminent keynote speakers from around the world; 40 Sessions; Over 1,000 delegates from across Africa; 100 notable session speakers from around the world; Over 500 participating organizations; Over 100 top executives from leading organizations; and An international Job Centre with on-the-spot access to trainings, business orientations and much more.

As an HR practitioner, you cannot afford to miss HREA 2018. For more info please call or email Taiwo Ajayi on +234 8134602626 or via Tajayi@doheneyservices.com

Event Date: April 5th 2018 – April 6th 2018

Source; Landmark events

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