Back From The Exodus. My First voiced beats. @marvynwiththe_y

Thinking of being an Art Promoter, you have two things to highly consider.

  1. you must have an attention seeking name.
  2. you must never forget why you begun. #memories

Stay focused on this WebBlog to find out my insights about the above considerations.



This is me. My real name is Marvyn Kelechi Omerenma- Obed. My career promoting name is @marvynwiththe_y, and you can find me on any and every socials. lol, like yea.

a lot to know about me, but who has the time to ask those questions a lot?… keep them coming in. Till then, seat back and listen to this amazing beats that my friends have together had me be on many many many many long manyyyyy seconds ago.


The creator of the beats is by name Aleroh Raphael of Murderfxcker on the beats.

Thank you to every one who were at the studio to show love and concern the moment they heard i was finally given in again.

Now what you guess my style to this beats was?…..

Option A.

A Singer? Is it true that for an artist to become popularly known with a hits in Lagos City, it must be a gbedun jam (club dancing or streets lifting) music?


Option B.

A Rapper? i would personally say, that you guessed right, but that was in the past. Yes, we had the Record Label (ROLLS AND VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT back in the late 90’s.


Option C.

Stay posted and have a feel. and don’t forget to follow

@outsourcetroops @lynch999 @marvynwiththe_y












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