MAYDAY Brands Exhibition; Cry of the Entrepreneurs


Do you have any idea how the origin of the word ‘MAYDAY’ came into existence? or why it is commonly used by Pilot whenever there is a distress in the aero plane when airborne?

As the recession continues to rise, i couldn’t help but hear the cry of my fellow creative entrepreneurs, marketers and distributors all complaining about how expenses are rising with no considerations of slowing down. This is a cry that cannot be ignored.



On the First day of May, 2018… 

Time 10am prompt

Location Ologolo Road, Lekki


Come all; Marketers, Distributors, Young Graduates and Freelancers  and find out secrets of the market.

What does it mean to Outsource a Brand publicity feeds?.

why not contact us today?.

What you will learn;

  1. How to create more brands/ customer interactions between end users; how can you use your common ground breaking knowledge to win along customers buying patterns
  2. How to engage more end users of your brands meaningfully; outsourcing process helps you engage and interact more with customers making you more relevant to them and offering a significant competitive edge.
  3. Benefits of developing your personal brand
  4. And many more.


Who should attend;

  1. Those individuals who want to build stronger relationships with their customers will find this seminar helpful.
  2. Any marketer or distributor who wants to learn to better connect with consumers in an authentic, emotional and memorable way by using visual cues
  3. Everyone looking to grow personally or professionally
  4. Finally all those individuals who are seeking to have an alternative source of income.

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