Invitation to Seminar/ Brands Exhibition on; Outsourcing Brands Publicity & Promotions.


Representing  Outsource Troops which is a registered mark of Marvekel Global Services Limited operating in Nigeria.


 Outsource Troops is an organization that motivates and inspires young entrepreneurs, graduates and freelancers’ individuals to adopt profitable market strategies/ techniques that can improve income generation by outsourcing brand activities for products/ service sales.

Our organization supports those individuals who are seeking to earn an additional income by becoming free agents, distributors or registered marketers by promoting products/ services sales of other/ their brands as a channel of outsourced income.

We however are offering to host an event coming up May 1st, 2018.  At the above Address. Time is 10am prompt. The event is an educative and informative seminar that supports branding skills backed up with an Exhibition which propels sales and marketing.

Brand Participation at the upcoming event scheduled for May 1st, 2018 has the following benefits;

  • Red Carpet Coverage
  • Brand promotional Web Link (contents developed towards increased online presence)
  • Printed copies of red carpet photoshoot
  • Access to unutilized genre of marketers and distributors
  • Placed brands adverts
  • Communication channels between brand and its end users.
  • Proposed strategy for cost reduction in adverts and branding cost 

And many more.

The Event will be divided into two parts.

  • Session 1: Round table discussion about the meaning of Outsourcing Brands Publicity/ Promotions
  • Session 2: Products exhibition & sales

We humbly seek your Organization’s support in this early stage of our Company activation as to build up a long lasting and mutually beneficial business/ personal relationship. For sponsorship or adverts placement please do get with us.

Thank you once again. We await a reply.

Faithfully your Independent promoters.


Who should attend?

  1. Those individuals who want to build stronger relationships with their customers will find this seminar helpful.
  2. The Case studies will be B2C, B2B and C2B which marketers will find it profitable.
  3. Any marketer/ distributor who wants to learn to better connect with consumers in an authentic, emotional and memorable way by using visual cues.
  4. Anyone looking to grow personally or professionally having sources of income in mind.


What you will learn?

  1. How to create more brand/ customer interactions.
  2. How can you use your common ground breaking knowledge along customers buying patterns.
  3. How to engage more end users meaningfully; Outsourcing process helps you engage and interact more with customers making you more relevant to them and offering a significant competitive edge.
  4. Benefits of developing your personal brands and many more.

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