The Story of The Cricova Champagnes

Congratulations. You have just made it to the First authorized blog post of Customer reactions towards Brands image/ incompetency.

As your Author, @Marvynwiththe_y, you will for sure recognize that every written or displayed Article are first hand experienced in details. Well, Triple WAHAHAHAHAHAHA. if you expect to have a laugh here.



Yessssss!!!!…. CRICOVA CHAMPAGNE………Cheers to his Entrepreneurial  Abilities Mr. CE (Chisom Emenike) or as i would call my Boss. MR. CE. O. > of States Farm Management Global Trading.

chisom.jpg2016 was the Year of increased profit.  Thanks to this Mind.

Sales sky rocketed the moment Black Diamonds (Cricova Champagne) was ordered in, Buyers on demands can testify of earned profits which is compared to none. Everything was good.

However, there was found a common fail in this Brand image. Which has long been and still is a problem in the economy, matter…. The desire to reach a wider segmented market audience.



It wasn’t done easily, but to be honest we did our best till the last bottle was sold, Tunde (MGS Sales Consultant)


Cricova Champagne had succeeded in captivating the taste buds of a typical Lagos State (Yoruba Demon) as he excellently celebrates life during the wedding of his senior sister. Long after, the scarcity of the bottle was in surplus…but the memories are long remembered in their hearts of living witnesses.





Back then, We were a Free-Lancing Agency that recruited young university undergraduate in motions of introducing market alternative channels for personally geared profits in products/ market distribution.

All said in,…. What we did then?  Was charge a certain outright registration fee to new members and gave them freely brands information that will surely be profitable trading demanding on demographics, interest and personal desire and many more. #just earn income long before you graduate school.


Bitter Truth is, what we promote isn’t magic, so some individuals who are yet to make any income can also earn money by referrals of fellow undergraduates who choose to be market/ brand independent.

So here we are; we present.

Photo 2_InPixio

With us becoming more professional in our work, brands like CRICOVA CHAMPAGNES would enjoy long lasting documented diaries of every event about the brands development promoted on our official blog here for free for a certain period of time only.






Contact us to begin your free web link testing.


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