RE; How To Renew A Diplomatic Stay Visa In Nigeria

Nigeria like other countries of the world does issue a diplomatic stay visa to allow diplomats living in the country perform their lawful duties without any form of interference.

Diplomats are government representatives on official duty in another country; they work as the eye of the government in overseeing the welfare of its citizen in Diaspora and also to maintain cordial international relations.

Such persons include Ambassadors, workers in embassies and consulates, foreign affairs ministers and many related others.

Globally, government representatives in foreign obtain a permit from the country they are working to enable them to stay and socialize with the citizens of the country without interference from any quarter, such permit is subject to renewal at the expiry date.

Diplomats in Nigeria most times find it easy to obtain diplomatic stay visa but may not know the appropriate steps to take to renew their stay after the expiry date.

For the purpose of clarity, diplomats in Nigeria can renew their stay following the guideline below.

Personal letter of request of the applicant:

  • The diplomat himself should write to the Nigerian authorities concerned for renewal of stay towards the expiry date.
  • Such letter will be backed up with the one from the embassy of applicant’s home country.

Submit a formal letter of application from the embassy:

Diplomatic visa is the only kind of visa issued by the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service in Abuja headquarters; the diplomats are representing their country in Nigeria.

  • The embassy of the applicant’s country in Nigeria should write to the relevant authorities for issuance of a diplomatic stay and also for renewal of the diplomatic stay prior the expiry date.

The letter will serve as a backup to the one written by the applicant himself.

Submit a photocopy of letter of employment and acceptance:

  • The applicant should submit proof of employment to Nigeria authorities in-charge of renewal of diplomatic stay.

This will be used to verify if the applicant is still working as a diplomat for their country or not.

  • Also submit the letter indicating when you accepted the offer to embark on diplomat mission for your country.

Application form for renewal:

  • You have to submit three copies of well filled IMM22 forms as well as three copies of recent passport photograph of the applicant.

This will be used in renewing your Nigeria diplomatic stay if finally, you meet up with the basics for that.

Photocopies of applicants credentials

  • Submit photocopies of all the credentials you used in applying for diplomatic stay the first time and also other necessary documents as specified in your application form.

Applicant should submit his or her national passport

  • Diplomats applying for renewal of stay in Nigeria should submit their national passport to the relevant authorities to be scrutinized and then placement of the stay stamp.


Note that all necessary documents should be forwarded to relevant Immigration office in-charge of renewal of diplomatic stay in Nigeria.




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