UBER ready to profit from in-car vending machines.


Uber partners with Cargo to add a new stream of revenue for drivers: vending machines

The days of free mints and Starburst resting in a backseat door panel are over. Now Uber’s ready to capitalize on car snacks.

TechCrunch reports that the rideshare giant just announced a partnership with Cargo, a company that gives drivers their very own backseat bodega.

Warning: Sandwich making while driving is strictly prohibited.

Need a snack? Say no more

Cargo has raised $7.3m in VC funding since launching in 2017, and about 7k Uber drivers have made more than $1m.

Cargo works by giving drivers free boxes filled with all your classic car treats like gum, phone chargers, and snacks to sell to passengers.

The boxes come with free samples and items for purchase, and each Starburst or snack bar a driver distributes — even the free stuff — earns them a $1 commission, plus 25% of the retail price.

A little incentive to maintain that star rating

Uber estimates that selling Cargo treats could make drivers an extra Benjamin a month.

There is one catch: According to Cargo founder and CEO Jeff Cripe, drivers must have, at minimum, a 4.7 rating and maintain activity on the platform.

So, drivers, if you want the treats, keep smiles in the seats.


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