Some True Life Story of the Late MKO Abiola


mko abiola
Many people wondered why Simbiat was next to God in Abiola’s life. Abiola owed her a lot. One, throughout Abiola stay in Grammar School, it was the uniform he used from year one, he used till year 5 until he went to Simbiat’s house one day and the girl’s parent saw MKO, it took the love of God to allow MKO to enter that house in a cloth that looks worse than a rag!!! The following day, they got him a New uniform. It was Abiola’s happiest day.

Two, the First time Abiola ate fried egg in his entire life was at his year 5 when he visited Simbiat family. Abiola was only eating YAM until they asked him to eat egg, he asked “what is this”, they told him “egg”….”what type of egg is this”, he asked. “FRIED EGG”, they replied. “FRIED egg?, do they fry egg?”….

MKO said this himself!!!

Now this is the type of poverty we are talking about!!!


MKO did 16 subjects and had Distictions in all. This amazed the SW Regional Government because his was the best result in the region. He was also offered overseas admissions to study LAW, ACCOUNTING and MEDICINE. Abiola, under the scholarship of Western Region went to the University of Glasgow, Scotland to study ACCOUNTING!!

He graduated with First Class and got overall best result in the University!!!! He was chartered at both Scotland, England and Nigeria!!!

If poverty did not stop MKO, nothing will stop your progress too!


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