Rules of Social Skills in this Christmas.

Rules for those who will be drinking but not buying during December


  1. Respect the buyer

  2. Greet the buyer before you sit

  3. Don’t be boring, tell more stories but don’t talk more than the buyer

  4. Always help the buyer with carrying beers from the counter

  5. Dance to any music that the buyer likes

  6. Buyers jokes are always funny so laugh out loud

  7. When the buyer fights, you must fight with him

  8. When you come across two girls, the beautiful one belongs to the buyer

  9. Don’t attempt to drink any beer more expensive that the buyers beer

  10. Don’t try to drink more than the buyer

  11. Help the buyer crosscheck the bill, if it is over, make sure you shout at the waiter very well

  12. If the buyer complains about the peppersoup, afford to buy him a bottle of water so that the pepper doesn’t choke the buyer, if not.. no more beer for you.


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