Zibyreena(stories told through a digital ink)

My name is Zibiri-Esakome Jannie, and I’m a digital artist. My job is to create and design Digital Art (portraits, logos and basically anything cartoon). I relate my art to health, societal issues, day to day activities. I am a dedicated professional and would love to captivate your minds using my art…
Artist (Zibyreena)
Personal details;
Beneficiary/ Representative Name: Zibiri-Esakome Jannie
Business/ Brand Name: Zibyreena
Business/ Brand Address: web address (www.Instagram.com/Zibyreena)
Business/ Brand Number: 09092922533
Business/ Brand Email: jzibyree@gmail.com
Business of Brand in quick summary (Company Profile):
To be able to create artworks that people can share to their loved ones, relate to or speaks to them in many ways. Art is an expression and simply not just a pretty picture
Vision: To use pictures and words together in a means of storytelling and educating individuals on societal, political and health issues likewise.
The objective of Zibyreena Illustrations
1. To educate views on certain issues
2. Create awareness on societal issues affecting individuals within our community.
3. To help create painting to share to their loved ones as gifts or presents.
4. To promote the art of storytelling
5. To give viewers a bird view into the life of others in the world.
Products / Services
* Digital Art (portraits, logos and basically anything cartoon)
* Blog posts on health talks, societal issues, day to day stresses etc.
Achievements and extras. N/A
Team Promotions ?
Instagram: @Zibyreena

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