Outsource Troops is a registered Trademark of Marvekel Global Services Limited. Outsource Troops as it is called, is mastering the techniques to create individualized alternate source of income by introducing Outsourcing of  web-link Services for the main focus on brands cost reduction and brand reach delivery and many more by providing sourced jobs for high competition, faster delivery, cheaper rates to registered members for income making.

This website sees to assist every Entrepreneur/ Start up in gaining quicker access to reach a segmented sourced crowd for its Business promotions or Brands activation done before the take off of the Brand as we offer to provide contents geared towards the achievement of such goals.

Registering and working with the Firm as a member makes you highly employable and serves as a good source of side income, you earn from the rewards system created for every personalized link uploaded and avenues for the search of local freelance paying jobs.




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