Our Services include but not limited to Company Registration, Job providence, Content marketing, Leads Generation, and Membership registration;

  1. Brand/ Product Photography: In supporting your Brand in attaining good heights during its early years, we offer the service of rendering graphics design skills and the capturing of good visuals that explains your ideal brand to heart. Our photographic skills is not limited to good pictures but can be looked upon for higher  quality pictures delivery to suit your needs.
  2. Link Management Consultations: This also serves as a consultation of providing every impacting client with a personalized web business account management to assist in building a strong working platform for interaction between customer and brand. To every brand contacted, we shoulder the responsibility and burden for having to search for a good content developer and link manager who takes the job of making sure that every written article solely promotes the brand which also achieves a feat in reducing the cost of acquiring and maintaining a website that is solely for Business promotions.
  3. Crowd Sourcing: This is strictly for premium members only. Every Blogger/Author has access to the source contact details. Our Crowd sourcing technique is of good importance to any and every start up, because we together as one can be found to be that uplifting person that helps promote your business to the rightful needed people. Crowd sourcing also comes in the form of seeking and finding investors that will buy into your brand without the stress of you being misguided.
  4. E-Business Consultations: Since we are the go to brand for your business web publicity, we pride ourselves in providing sustainable solutions that make for company focus on competence, on cost, on production and on maintaining a standard to be fun and highly creative. Our consulting approach is one to be tailored with the acceptance of other multi-national brands that give start up a solid foundation to uprise.
  5. Membership Account; We tend to ask for registration of entrepreneurs or brands so as to build a more effective and efficient working database. Our members are who comes first when we program a strategy that works to building company reputation for lasting business solutions and profits. All members get 15% discounts on every content marketed and sold by Marvekel Global Services Limited. Membership is on a not renewal bases, which means it is a one time off payment plan.

There are many more benefits of working with us upon registration. Please contact us directly for more information